Fo’ reals (20wks)


I wrote a while back about feeling the first kicks and punches from baby … well, it was either a complete flukey one off or I imagined it!  I felt nothing then in the following weeks, which just made me feel depressed and worried.  I spent time just laying still and quiet, poking at my belly and concentrating really hard to try and catch a flutter or a gurgle but felt nothing.  It’s worrying!  Despite telling yourself it’s completely normal not to have felt anything yet, you still worry that there’s nothingness coming from your belly when you’re sure you felt something before.  You start to imagine all sorts of horrible things.

Until … you feel it again!  Horaaay!  So towards the end of last week I started to feel our little one squirming.  It’s so hard to explain what it feels like.  At first, it was only once a day if I was lucky and felt a bit like a really faint tummy gurgle, but I could definitely tell it was coming from baby rather than my stomach (which apparently now is pushed up somewhere in my chest!?) then as the days have gone on it’s become slightly more frequent.  Over the weekend I felt it a few times throughout the day, yesterday and today I’ve felt it loads!  I love knowing that baby is tumbling away in there!  It’s so lovely to know that I am now, unequivocally, feeling babs fo’ realsies. It feels like a wee high five from within 🙂

It is a massive relief before our 20wk scan tomorrow morning, which I have steadily been becoming more nervous about.  More on that, after that.

7 thoughts on “Fo’ reals (20wks)

  1. Yay it only gets stronger and more frequent from here on in! I didn’t feel baby properly until around 19/20 weeks and now I know every time they move (at 33 weeks)!

  2. hope that the scan went well! Enjoy the movements and try your best not to worry if you can’t feel them regularly… I didn’t get regular movements until around 26 ish weeks, I think because they move position so much before then they could be kicking you where you can’t feel it yet. Not long until you’ll be able to see the kicks and squirms as well (which is really weird!!..) hehe xx

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