Getting married is awesome …

… but also rather brain consuming.  I don’t know why I tried to start up a new blog a couple of months before our wedding, I don’t know who I ever thought I was kidding about being able to give any head space to anything other than the wedding.  I was a crazy bridezilla – now I’m returning to my usual self – obsessed with all things fertility!  Woop! *eye roll*

There’s really no news – except that we’re still on our six month wait for a follow up to the last spanner-in-the-works delay.  Then it’ll be more waiting for test results and then waiting to get the whole process started … but that’s OK, we need time to consume all the bubbles we were gifted after the wedding, and I don’t think consuming bubbles is on the list of suggested activities while baby making.

Plus, we have discovered that being married is awesome, just the two of us by ourselves – so we’re more than OK with this forced honeymoon period for two.

Speaking of honeymoons, we’re taking our honeymoon period off for a little holiday to Madeira next week.  Wouldn’t be doing that, if we were baby making, would we!?

(Can you hear the ‘every cloud’ hum in my tone!?)